TM Your flash drive is now a web 2.0 server.

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2 December 05: We're blogging, without babbling.
2 June 05: SVG Scene toolkit debuts.
21 April 05: airWRX prototype released.

A Web 2.0 Service on a Keychain

airWRX is a mobile webspace that runs from a USB flash drive, turning any PC (and others nearby) into a multi-screen, edit-in-place web environment. airWRX transforms your flash drive into a mobile personal server, and any available PCs into a personal or collaborative network.

airWRX is based on a lightweight application server, with an XML data repository, compound document model, and SVG-based GUI. airWRX is cross-platform, and includes full source code.

Although PCs are commonplace, you won't find your own laptop in hand most of the time; it's just too bulky to carry continuously. There's almost always a PC at hand, but it rarely has your workspace on board. The flash drive in your pocket will change that.

airWRX turns widespread PCs into a nearly ubiquitous infrastructure for productivity, authoring, collaboration, and numerous other sophisticated applications.