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May 8 05: AlphaTap 1.7.3 has an improved guide for the practice game.
Nov 10 04: AlphaTap Lite is now free! Feature comparison
Sept 13 04: AlphaTap 1.7 adds phrase record/replay, and a practice game for Lightning, the easy & fast shorthand method. More on Lightning

AlphaTap is a pen-based typing app for Tablet PCs and Wacom tablets that enables text input speed comparable to two-handed touch-typing. AlphaTap's ergonomic design and simple shorthand method leverage the skills and natural motion of handwriting.

In just 4-10 days of regular AlphaTap use (and no special training) you'll be typing with your tablet pen at keyboard speed, and with far less fatigue than either handwriting or the on-screen qwerty keyboard.

Unlike other methods, AlphaTap just doesn't bog you down.

get AlphaTap and get on with it

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