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Download or Buy v1.7

AlphaTap requires Windows XP. It does not require a Tablet PC, and can also be used with a pen tablet or mouse on a desktop PC (but it's not highly productive as a mouse-driven app).

This software is offered for personal use only; it may not be redistributed without permission. Packaging AlphaTap with hardware or software or making it available for download via a private network or web site requires a distribution license.

AlphaTap Lite is offered free of charge! By downloading AlphaTap Lite, you affirm your agreement to the terms above.

Download v1.7 Lite:
By buying AlphaTap Standard ($29) you gain full use of Lightning shorthand and phrase recording/playback, and you're entitled to all updates for one year.

On receipt of your order, we send email allowing you to download the software.


AlphaTap may be licensed for distribution with tablets or tablet solutions on a per-site or global basis. Please contact us for more information.

AlphaTap can be extensively customized, and customizations can be locked into a distribution. Source code is also available to licensees.