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Lightning Shorthand Phrases

These phrases are constructed from words in the built-in vocabulary. A slash indicates a new stroke within a word. A dash indicates a double-tap.

is this the same pla/ce or a di/f-fer/ent one

when did she say they th/ink they will get here

whe/re have you been dur/ing the last few days

how do you like your new a/part/ment in the c/ity

she said the l/ight was too low to read for very long

did he find th/ose yes/ter/day morn/ing or last n/ight

every/th/ing is just fine, but no/th/ing is as it sh/ould be

I th/ought he c/ould/n't but he call/ed and said he w/ould

c/ould you take this over there and set it down on the co/un/ter

who/ever has made en/ough time for w/ork does/n't have any in life

what can we do if he de/parts with/out ask/ing for more in/form/at/ion

whi/ch one of the two rooms w/ould you like to sh/are with your fri/end

th/ings have got/ten bet/ter even th/ough it does/n't look that way

we did/n't stop by in time to see them be/ca/use they left so so/on

how many more peo/ple must of/fer their in/put be/fore it's done

their comp/any went un/der but may find a way to come back

only time will tell whe/ther its num/ber is go/ing to come up

we were hav/ing a gr/eat time when the po/li/ce ar/ri/ved

why do/n't you take some time of-f and get some re/st

th/ose of us on the r/ight or left have quit the cen/ter

by next year sh/or/th/and will be high/ly pop/u/lar

well in any case this is a real/ly good con/cept

thank you very much, ple/ase come a/gain