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Tech Notes

A lot of room remains in the staircase layout for additional Lightning shorthand paths. We plan to add words to the Lightning vocabulary based on user feedback. (Please offer your suggestions!) We would also like to work with third parties to develop domain-specific vocabularies, e.g. for medicine.

The built-in vocabulary is based on the British National Corpus, which draws on wide diversity of sources for British English. A different corpus might better reflect typical tablet use. Tuning of the initial letter layout may also be considered, since some letters could benefit from inner positions on the layout. We're interested in working with researchers to optimize the English vocabulary and layout, and create new ones for other languages.

AlphaTap can be customized to present virtually any key layout and Lightning vocabulary. Developers can embed and lock a custom layout into an app-specific distribution. AlphaTap is also available as a component for use in application development.

We're planning an API to AlphaTap, which would let an app arrange its content for AlphaTap's window position (and vice versa), or choose a special layout, etc. If this is of interest to you, please let us know what you need in such an API.

AlphaTap currently cannot drive application menus (e.g. alt-E,C). Any suggestions as to how to enable this would be appreciated.

Source code is available to commercial licensees, and also to researchers and non-commercial developers. Please contact us to learn more.

WARNING: AlphaTap HAS PROVEN TO BE MODERATELY ADDICTIVE WITH SUSTAINED USE. If you find yourself writing a stream of consciousness into an untitled text window simply for the sake of using AlphaTap, we suggest you immediately seek fresh air and a mug of Irish Breakfast tea.